The IT Services Industry and Their Effects on an Organization


IT Services Management is the tasks which are carried out by an organization to develop, design, plan, deploy, manage and optimize information technology solutions provided to clients. IT Services Management deals with the management processes and tools used for IT Service Delivery, which is necessary for the smooth functioning of a business. The various IT Services Management techniques include Functional, Structured and Service layers, learn more about. The management concepts involve planning, scheduling, performing, and controlling the delivery of IT services to the client and it also involves the analysis and evaluation of IT service provisioning requirements.

IT Asset Management is one of the vital components of IT Services Management. IT Asset Management deals with the identification, measurement, maintenance, allocation and disposal of the existing and potential IT assets. This concept covers all the process of IT asset management i.e., identifying, measuring, planning, implementing, and controlling. It is also known as asset planning or value stream mapping. IT Asset Management includes three processes namely, Planning, Control and Executing or Managing.

There are four stages in IT asset management. It includes Pre Conceptualization, Planning, Problem Management and Executing or Managing. The planning stage is the first step in IT asset management. The planning involves identifying the business needs, collecting the requirements, analyzing the business needs, and coming up with a solution for the needs identified.

IT Solution Development is the second step in IT solution development. IT solution development deals with designing methodologies, systems and applications that can help businesses use the information they require in order to gain new business leads. IT solution development deals with hardware, application development and software products, also visit IT solution development helps businesses enhance their ability to provide end users with information that is relevant to their needs and which helps businesses increase their sales.

IT Service Support is the third step in IT services. IT service support is related to providing advice and instruction to IT companies on technology investments that will help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. IT service support involves assessment of the IT investments undertaken by the IT service provider. This will help businesses improve the performance of their IT systems and will help businesses reduce operational costs. The activities of IT service support can include training employees on IT basics and how to use IT tools and systems.

IT Services Outsourcing refers to the process by which IT contractors provide IT services to non-IT organizations. These organizations may not need to have IT investments and may not need to deploy IT systems. IT services outsourcing enables organizations to purchase IT tools and systems which can be implemented within their own business processes. IT services outsourcing enables organizations to make savings on purchases and implementation of IT solutions and can also decrease operational costs. IT services outsourcing enables organizations to implement business processes in a cost-effective manner. Read more at